a day in the life of a robot: art opening

For Immediate Release:
Kneehigh presents
“A Day In The Life Of A Robot”
a group show held at Maxwell’s.

We’ve all seen em, many of us have longed to meet em, share a dancefloor
perhaps. They’ve inspired movies, songs, and dances. They’ve integrated
themselves into our daily lives to the point where it’s hard to tell man from robot.
Yet even with years of co-habitation, we still do not fully know what it means
to be a robot. This month, Maxwell’s explores the lives of our good ole’ tin friends
in a group show titled “A Day In The Life Of A Robot”.

Artists include:
Aaron Zisman
Amy Heath
Andrea Breitman
Astrid Riemer
Blake Lemons
Brent Nolasco
Chris Jammal
Dean Landry
Gary Ashley
Jeremy Pruitt
John Hansen
Justin Brancato
Karl Heitmueller
Linda Beck
Marko Metzinger
Rand Hoppe
Tim Shankweiler
Vincent Nguyen
Vy Trinh
Will Krause
and more!

The show will run from January 13th – February 17th 2007
Opening reception will be held on
Monday, January 15th 2007
From 7 pm – 11 pm
Free house wine/domestic drafts
from 7 pm- 8pm

For additional information please contact:
Andrea Breitman
Online gallery will be available the night of the opening:

Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ