3rd annual 3 feet high show!

3rd annual 3 feet high show.
skatedecks explore nature with "things that live in..."
presented by kneehigh.net

june 22nd - september 7th 2008
opening reception:
monday, june 23rd 2008
7 pm - 10 pm
free house wine & domestic drafts
from 7 pm - 8 pm
music spun by blue steel lamborghini

artists include:
joe andriola
barrett benica
john breiner
andrea breitman
david cooper
jared deal
kelly denato
wylie fisher
bianca franco
thom glick
david heiss
herm life
tom hudson
dean landry
adam levine
conor o'kelly lynch
richard mather
christopher mostyn
brian musikoff
lynda nettleship
vincent nguyen
lysa opfer
jackie post
rob powers
lauren rucci
sean salmon
tim shankweiler
lea simone
justin simonich
frank summers
kate sutton
stacy swane
stephanie swane
josh taylor
chris timmons
john ward
john lytle wilson
jene yeo
aaron zisman
and more!

for more information please contact:
to find out about online gallery
please go to: www.kneehigh.net

maxwells bar & restaurant
1039 washington st. hoboken, nj
for direction: www.maxwellsnj.com


with a little faith: a solo exhibit by d.e. cooper

come on out and check out david cooper's solo show
"with a little faith" which features works that clearly
illustrate what an amazing artist david is. he is
without a doubt one of the most talented painters i know
and it would be a bit of a tragedy to miss out on a show
that is filled with such heart, not too mention an immense
amount of technical talent.

The show runs from May 18th - June 22nd, 2008

More information:


Maxwells Bar & Restaurant
1039 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ
for direction: www.maxwellsnj.com


when two worlds meet...

i never thought i would see the day when the two things i heart most in this world
would meet...just stumbled upon this wee bit of wonder, one more little ditty that
fills my innards with inspiration!

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


a new leaf...

today i've decided to turn over a new leaf...after much thinking and
even more suggestions i have decided to concentrate pretty fully on
my own work. it's a wee bit of a tough decision to make being that
as much as i heart making art, it's tough to be able to commit to only
myself. i am in the midst of organizing what will be the last show i
curate at maxwell's f
or a while, the third annual 3 feet high show and
after that will be working towards making some new art that i've been
pondering. i am still going to be organizing some shows here and there
but it won't be as constant as its been for the last two years.
so now i share with you a blog that will hopefully inspire as well as
follow me on this path, one of little magical moments and the
curious little bits that help me get there...

a studio that awaits new things...


maxwell's flea market

Sunday,April 13th from Noon to 4pm, New Jersey’s most legendary rock club opens its doors for THE MAXWELL’S FLEA MARKET. Over a dozen Maxwell’s employees and friends set up shop to peddle books, movies, CDs, records, vintage clothes, posters, housewares, art and more cool stuff. The bar will be open, so you can have a drink while you comb for goodies! Maxwell’s is located at the corner of 11th and Washington Streets in Hoboken, NJ.


"Robots and Gnomes" Art Opening!

Come on out to Maxwell's for Stephanie Swane's solo show
which features her robots and gnomes series!
The show runs from March 16th - May 5th, 2008

Opening Reception:
Monday, March 17th
7pm - 10pm

FREE house wine and domestic drafts from 7pm - 8pm

Checkout my artwork - www.myspace.com/stephaniesswan

More information:

Maxwells Bar & Restaurant
1039 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ
for direction: www.maxwellsnj.com

Please checkout steph's myspace -
for more images of her art!


dean landry's art show!

ey there everyone! come on out on monday, january 26th
for the opening of dean landry's show "choochland" which
will showcase some awesome brand new works by the artist.
the show will run from january 26th-march 1st 2008

opening reception:
monday, january 28th
7pm - 10pm

free house wine and domestic drafts
from 7pm - 8pm

for more information please contact:


Maxwells Bar & Restaurant
1039 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ
for direction: www.maxwellsnj.com